Interested in shaping the future of space exploration? Here’s how to get involved in our Lunar Workshops and the Lunar Initiatives.

Come to one of our workshops!

Did you know that in addition to having workshops on Lunar Surface Applications, we also have annual workshops on LunarCubes and Scientific Opportunities in Cislunar Space?

Our Lunar Workshops are intensely interactive, educational events for people passionate about going back to the Moon. They provide a unique opportunity to discuss and collaborate on solutions that will shape the future of space explorations. Attendees LOVE our workshops! You will too!

The Lunar Initiatives provide another option to get involved in space exploration in a major way. Lunar Artwork, Cubes to the Moon, Lunar Challenges, and the Lunar Incubator offer other alternatives to participating in lunar and space exploration. You may also want to get involved in the celebration of the International Lunar Geophysical Year in 2017-2018.

Space isn’t just something “up there” – it is fast becoming our future. So come to a Lunar Workshop, take on a Lunar Initiative and keep learning more about the world around us. Most importantly, become involved and stay involved….this is our world and we need to make the most of it!

Canadian Astronaut Chris Hadfield* sings it best in this switched up, short version of “Space Oddity”.

There is so much left to do!! FEAR NOT.

-Flexure Engineering and The Select Investor

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“At the LSA Conference, We heard speakers from around the world discussing openly and honestly a variety of topics from LunarCubes, cryogenics, radiation shielding, and many others. One of the most valuable aspects of the conference was the chance to meet the primary researchers in these fields. I am looking forward to a long and productive collaboration with Bonnie, Russell, and the rest of the team”
Stephen Perusich, Ph.D., Senior Scientist and Lab Manager, Cella Energy, Kennedy Space Center, Florida

“If I get selected for a Lunar Polar mission, I will need to talk to the people I met at this workshop”
Ben Bussey, PI Mini-RF experiment on Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter

“I’ve already learned something important and it’s only halfway through the first day”
Anthony Colaprete, PI LCROSS

“Lots of rapid exchange of technical information, good size group, great ideas”
Eric Dahlstrom, International Space Consultants

“Free flow of ideas in a loosely structured environment”
Chris Cassell, Deep Space Industries

“Diverse people, ideas and backgrounds”
Adam Glickman, Beyond Light

“Flood of useful information”
…Chris Craddock, Rocketstar

*Hadfield, C. (2014, March) Chris Hadfield: What I learned from going blind in space.