Ce que Wall Street a dit à propos de Bitcoin en 2017

Bitcoin est-il dans une bulle? Ou son prix continuera-t-il à augmenter jusqu’en 2018?

Les banquiers, économistes et investisseurs notables ont tous pesé au cours de la dernière année. Mais les points de vue varient: certains croient que les investisseurs devraient détenir leurs fonds; mais beaucoup ont également sonné l’alarme sur bitcoin tout en exprimant des doutes sur d’autres cryptocurrencies.

Peter Schiff, président et chef de la direction d’Euro Pacific Capital, l’un des rares à avoir prédit la crise du logement de 2008, est peut-être un taureau d’or, mais son amour de l’argent dur ne s’étend pas au bitcoin. Et tandis que certaines personnes peuvent bénéficier de Bitcoin, le conseiller en placement ne s’attend pas à ce que la plupart des gens vendent à temps pour le faire.

Le 12 septembre, Jamie Dimon, PDG de JPMorgan Chase s’exprimait lors d’un événement Barclays quand il a doublé sa critique du bitcoin. Plus achetercryptocoins.com

À l’époque, bitcoin valait encore environ 4 000 $. Depuis lors, il s’est attaqué au bitcoin en quelques occasions, ce qui a déclenché une vague de commentaires de la part de Wall Street.

Et le PDG a dit qu’il a maintenant fini de parler de bitcoin.

Un autre investisseur milliardaire, Carl Icahn, également fondateur d’Icahn Enterprises, a déclaré dans une interview le 1er décembre que bitcoin lui ressemblait une bulle, en le comparant à la bulle terrestre du Mississippi juste avant son effondrement.

Bitcoin a sauté à 10 000 $ à l’époque.…

Presentation Guidelines

Presenter’s Guidelines


We found some excellent pointers on a site entitled “10 Tips for a Killer Audio-Visual Presentation”.

We especially like item 2, “Look at the audience”. Item 8 “Show some movement” and best of all, “Make them laugh” (Item 4).

Basic stuff, really, but quite important for a stellar presentation! Here’s the link to review all 10 suggestions.

10 Tips for a Killer Presentation


Guy Kawasaki wrote on his blog, How to Change the World, “A Power Point presentation should have ten slides, last no more than twenty minutes, and contain no font smaller than thirty points.”

It’s OK by us if you have more than 10 slides as long as you and your presentation take 15 minutes. We do agree though that your fonts should be large (30 points or larger) and consistent in size throughout the presentation.


Choose either a very light font on a very dark background or vice versa. Remember a conference room is large and you want your presentation to be seen in the back of the room too.

Use a sans serif font, like Comic Sans MS, or Verdana. Helvetica and Arial fonts are ok too. Keep font special effects to a minimum. Do not use shadow fonts or shadow effects!! For emphasis use color or bold out the font.

Remember bullets kill people – literally and figuratively. Keep your powerpoint simple and to the point for maximum impact.


  • Abstracts Due – August 17
  • Program Committee Notifies Presenters* – August 24
  • Early Bird Registration Ends – September 8
  • Presentation Slides Due – September 8
  • Webinar Training for Remote Presenters – September 8 to 15
  • Pre-recorded Presentations Due from Remote Presenters – September 15
  • Permission Forms due from Remote Presenters – September 15
  • Early Bird Hotel Registration – September 22

*Presenters register at Early Bird rates.

Presenters Instructions

Instructions for Cubes 5 Presenters

Welcome! You’ve been selected to present at the 5th International Workshop on LunarCubes. Here are a few important dates and instructions for you.


  • We are allowing 15 minutes for your oral presentation followed by 5 minutes for questions and answers.
  • You are required to be at the entire session during which you present including the Design Challenge.

Introducing the Program Chair and Your Concierge

  • Dr. Pamela E. Clark is Program Chair for LunarCubes. You can reach her at Pamela.Clark@FlexureEngineering.com or call Pamela at (301) 286-7457 (work) or on her cell at (240) 422-0546.
  • Faith Urban is the Event Coordinator and your primary support contact. Call Faith at (888) 874-0560. Or email Faith at Faith.Urban@LunarInitiatives.com. She may also be contacting you.


For All Presenters Whether You Are Presenting In Person or via the Internet

  • Upload Your Presentation Slides

By September 8 – Your presentation slides need to be uploaded to http://lunar-cubes.com/presentation-upload. If you have any problems, please contact Speed.Ream@FlexureEngineering.com.

If you wish to make changes after that date, use the same link to upload an updated version of your presentation. We will replace old for new versions if time permits.

  • Submit a Presentation Permission Form

By September 8 – Prior to presenting, you will need to submit a Presenter Permission Form giving us permission to post your slides and/or recording of your presentation on our website. Click this link to complete your permission document:http://tinyurl.com/LunarCubes5Permissions

  • Register for the Event

You need to register for the event. You can register online or use a printed registration form you’ll deliver via email or the USPS. This link will take you to the page on our website that will give you all the information you need to register http://lunar-cubes.com/registration.

  • Make Your Hotel Reservations By September 16

If you are planning to stay at the hotel, please make your reservations by September 16, 2015.

If You are Presenting via the Internet

  • Pre-Recorded Presentation

We are requiring that all Remote Presenters submit a pre-recorded presentation. This recording will be played during your time slot, followed by a live Q&A session on your presentation.

You will need to be available the day of the actual event to answer questions and answers from our audience. If you need assistance to pre-record your presentation, please notify Faith as soon as possible, and no later than September 8 to schedule an appointment. We request that all pre-recorded presentations be completed by September 15.

  • GoToWebinar Training

We will train you in the use of GoToWebinar between September 8-15. Faith will contact you to schedule your training.

  • Sponsors

We have so many sponsors for our event, our main online partner is gunsafehouse and our offline partner is student journal.

  • Information to Join GoToWebinar

Prior to the event, you will receive several emails that contain the information you will need to join GoToWebinar.Please save this information!


There will be wall space to display posters during the event. Remember, you must first submit an abstract and receive notification that your abstract has been accepted before submitting a poster. To submit your abstract, go to http://lunar-cubes.com/abstract-upload.

We recommend you be present during the session for which your poster has been accepted. There will also be time to discuss posters during breaks and during Tuesday evening’s Poster and Networking session.

Make sure you prominently indicate on your poster how you can be contacted. If you register for the event, we will include your poster on our website.

By September 8 – Please upload a PDF of your poster at http://lunar-cubes.com/presentation-upload. If you are unable to attend in person, send your poster to Doubletree Hilton San Jose, 2050 Gateway Place, San Jose, CA 95110, ATTN: Faith Urban. Please time your package to arrive between October 1-5. We will post it. If you need us to return your poster after the event, you must contact Faith to make prior arrangements.


  • For In Person Presenters

Please check in at the Registration Table when you arrive so that Pamela and Faith are notified you are present.

  • For Remote Presenters

Prior to the beginning of the session during which you are presenting, please join GoToWebinar. Put a note in the Chat Box to indicate you are present so Pamela and Faith know you are there. If we haven’t heard from you by 15 minutes before the session, we will be contacting you.

  • Displaying Your Poster

Please find Faith when you arrive to receive instructions for displaying your poster.

We look forward to your presentation at Cubes 5.

Faith Urban

Event Coordinator

Flexure Engineering

(888) 874-0560


Cubes 5 Program Description

Core Topics at LunarCubes 5 Include:

  • Recent developments at NASA — JPL, CubeQuest, SLS EM–1
  • Cube Satellite Science and Instruments
  • Cislunar Communication and Transportation Infrastructure (carriers and platforms) LunarCube Science and Payloads
  • Rapid growth and development of NewSpace and capital funding initiatives

Check back periodically…we plan to post our keynote speakers shortly!”

Program Overview:

Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Session: CubeSat
Science Instruments: Concepts and Investigations I
Session: CubeSat
Subsystems: Electronics, Processing, Command and Data Handling (Software and Hardware I)
Session: CubeSat
Communication: Onboard Subsystems, Ground Assets, Communication Infrastructure Models and Transportation Options I
Session: FinTech for New Space
Lunch Keynote
Jim Cockrell
Lunch Keynote
Jitendra Joshi
Lunch Keynote
Dan Faber
Deep Space Industries
Lunch Keynote
Lena Bacani
Fox Rothschild LLP
Session: CubeSat
Science Instruments: Concepts and Investigations II
Session: CubeSat
Subsystems: Electronics, Processing, Command and Data Handling (Software and Hardware II)
Session: CubeSat
Communication: Onboard Subsystems, Ground Assets, Communication Infrastructure Models and Transportation Options II
Session: FinTech for New Space
Evening Activity Evening Activity Dinner Keynote Lunar Renaissance
Posters & Networking Panel Discussion Ed Belbruno
Cislunar Navigation Prize
Challenges, Hackathons, and Artwork!
Friday, Saturday and Sunday: Hack the Moon Hackathon

Program Details:

Tuesday: Deep Space CubeSats Science Instruments: Concepts and Investigations
Evening Session: Poster Session and Networking
Wednesday: Deep Space CubeSats Subsystems: Electronics, Processing, Command and Data Handling (Software and Hardware)
New Launch for New Space
Evening Session: New Launch for New Space panel discussion
A new era of entrepreneurship and rapid change is sweeping through the space industry and rocket builders are leading the way with new rockets and technologies that will increase access and lower costs. Some of the industry leaders in this arena are: SpaceX, Blue Origin, ULA (Vulcan), Orbital ATK, Space Launch System and Stratolaunch.
We will hold a free panel presentation and interactive discussion with representatives from this New Launch movement, where you will be able to ask questions, learn about the last technologies, and create visibility for your company and your services.
This event is open to the public. Please register here for the New Launch for New Space panel discussion.
Thursday: Deep Space CubeSats Communication: Onboard Subsystems, Ground Assets, Communication Infrastructure Models and Transportation Options
Evening Session: The Cislunar Navigation Prize Competition
Cislunar space will be the workhorse and proving ground for deep space exploration from the Moon to Mars and beyond. Yet the details of how to effectively operate in this region are still poorly understood and the tools are inefficient. We intend to launch the Cislunar Navigation prize competition to encourage the development of models, software and mission management tools for three key areas of interest :
  • Buzz Aldrin’s Lunar Cycler Orbits
  • Ed Belbruno’s Minimum Energy Transfers
  • Space Traffic Control at the Lunar Lagrange Points
Join us for a presentation and interactive discussion with some of the creators of these new technologies and hear the details of the first round of the prize competition. Get involved, build your team, and let’s make history!
This event is open to the public. Please register here for the presentation on The Cislunar Navigation Prize Competition.
Friday: FinTech for New Space
The hottest trend on Silicon Valley these days is FinTech (Financial Technology) startups. These crowd sourcing platforms allow entrepreneurs to quickly raise large sums of money to fund their ventures and Space Entrepreneurs need to be knowledgeable in this source of funding.
FinTech Friday will be a hands-on training day focused on the core techniques and platforms that are transforming the way we fund and explore space.
Included are presentations and discussions on:

Crowd Funding – Kickstarter, Indiegogo, RocketHub

Crowd Sourcing – XPrize, HeroX , NASA Challenges (competitions), AngelHack (hackathons)

Start-up Equity Funding – SpaceAngels, AngelList, EquityNet

You will be able to determine the best options for you, and how you can get started quickly and easily.
We will also hear from front-line startups that have used these tools including Lunar Mission 1, Planetary Resources, and RocketStar. Learn what they have already learned and the secrets to making it work for you.
Evening Session: 7-9 PM Pacific
The Lunar Renaissance – Challenges, Hackathons and Lunar Artwork!Learn more about The Lunar Frontier and The Lunar Challenges, including our weekend hackathon “Hack the Moon.” Take an active part in The Lunar Renaissance and the blending of art, science and technology in space exploration.
  • The Lunar Challenges
  • Introduction to Hack the Moon Weekend
  • Awards for the Lunar Artwork Flash Competition
Please register here for Friday night’s activities.
Saturday and Sunday: Hack the Moon
At Hack The Moon, students and space enthusiasts will have the opportunity to come up with creative solutions to space-related problems, while New Space startups can create and launch their own successful Kickstarter campaigns.
This is a free event and open to the public. You can attend in person or remotely via the Internet. Physical site locations include San Jose, CA. and Folsom CA.
  • Friday session 7pm – 9pm Pacific
  • Saturday sessions 9am -5pm and 7pm – 10pm Pacific
  • Sunday sessions 9am – 12 noon and 1pm – 5pm (Presentations and Awards)
To register at the Folsom, CA location, click here. To register at the San Jose, CA location, click here.